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Revolution She Wrote : A Young Radical Feminist Anthology

BloodofUrsula womyn --

I'm a member of the RiotWriters Collective, currently seeking contributions for Revolution She Wrote. When I found this community, I thought a lot of us could write about our vision for a feminist future, including goddess worship, the love of women, and new, non-pr0nographic, equality-based visions of sexuality.

Check out the call for contributions and let me know if you have anything to send in.
P.S. I feel equally divided between atheism and worshipping Kali, myself.

Call for Contributions! Please circulate widely!

Fierce, fired-up, and passionate, Revolution She Wrote is an anthology in the making that will bring to the forefront the eloquent, diverse, and complex voices of young radical feminists* across the globe. Put forth by the Riotwriters Collective, a group of young radical feminist writers and activists with over 4 decades of combined experience in feminist organizing and publishing, Revolution She Wrote boldly and bravely foments a revolution on paper of uncompromising magnitude.

Revolution She Wrote will feature essays, artwork, and creative pieces by an international movement of young women. Divided into four segments “Groundswell, Dissent, Uprising, and Coup,” Revolution She Wrote analogizes the resurgence of radical feminism within the mainstream women’s movement to the birth and execution of popular political revolution. Groundswell will focus on young women's stories of coming into consciousness. It will answer the questions "Who are young radical feminists?" "What inspired us?" "What changed us?" as well as chronicle the real-life experiences of young women fed up with misogyny and frustrated with activist movements unresponsive to the challenges posed by a radical feminist analysis; Dissent will deliver radical feminist theory and analytical writings on a myriad of issues; Uprising will discuss activist approaches, methods and strategies for social change, movement building, and revolution; and Coup will share visions for a radical feminist future.

Revolution She Wrote cannot happen without YOU! Please get involved! We need your articles, rants, analysis, poetry, slam, rap, original song lyrics, artwork, comics, photographs, activist strategies, political theory, journaling, stories, VOICE. Deadline: for working title and contribution summary -- July 15, 2005; for contributions -- September 1, 2005. Feel free to contact us for more information or to answer any questions. We can be reached at: Revolution She Wrote, 159 East 99th Street, Apartment 4A, New York, NY 10029, or youngradicalfeminist(a)


*A radical feminist perspective is one that is aware that: individual acts of violence against women are in fact part of an overall war against women meant to keep women as a class cut off from ourselves and each other; rape, battering, incest, prostitution, pornography, and poverty are some of the main instruments of male supremacy; all forms of hierarchy and domination, including misogyny, racism, classism, ableism, heterosexism and every other interconnected oppression, must be opposed; reforming existing institutions will never be enough to free women; and organized, political resistance is necessary to make change in our local communities and in the world.
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