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I am exhausted. I have viscerally followed, campaigned, actioned, blogged, forwarded, petitioned, emailed, engaged in dialog, shown up at the perquisite precincts and corners, voted early, rubbed elbows with the great, near great and out of state. Here is what I have to say. If it makes you uncomfortable, so be it. If it sounds like a nightingale crooning repetitively into the dark on a sad note, listen once more. If what I say to you hands you a sobriquet to scoff at, hold it close to you long enough to get to know it before it becomes discard. I'm in a 'Shit, oh dear' state of mind.

I mourned because I have seen the beginning of a change that is so profound as to shake the covenant of humanity and the Earth. A mandate that gives to the victor the arrogance to continue in the mode of alienation for our historical allies, segregation from the rest of the humans walking the planet, the bully attitude that the U.S. president that has shown so far, the rampant macho rape of the planet with cavalier attitudes towards Global Warming and Peak Oil, drilling and lumber cutting, so that He alone shall decide the course of the rest of the world, our lives, our mien, our breath, our air.

I remember a Republican individual responding to me after a discussion about American Indians being disenfranchised from their ancestral lands and way of life, 'Yeah. Well WE own the land now and can do what we want with it no matter how we got it'. I worry about this attitude of ownership. Is THIS what the Bush campaign means of it?

We are legion, us humans. We are Kurds, Christians, Jews, Janes, Islamics, Atheists, Monotheists, Polymorphics, Polydeists and Cargo Cults and then some. We worship our ancestors, the environment, the sea, the mountains, the sky and the absence of tumult, Jemaya, Corn Woman, and all that goes in between. We revere animals that we depend on for sustenance and those that we fear for our death - whales and salmon, bulls and bears. lions and tigers. We are young, old, connected to the Battle of Hastings, the bloodline of Christ or Muhammad, Sit Chat, Qi Gong, the way of Indiana Jones and all those varied Southern Baptists who can trace back to Davie Crocket and David Buie. Not all of us signed on to the Born Again covenant. Not all Christians are Republican as the Sojourners proclaim and try to remind us. But this advent of faith does not matter.

Our lives are changing. Profoundly.

This election marks the half way point of it. 'The Handmaid's Tale' , a movie, while fiction, expresses an extreme of "moral values". In it, young fecund women are made to calf the next generation for an elite, sterile ruling class of infertile Christian moralists. Bullshit you say? Consider: Parental notification (on the Amendment addenda in Florida) of intent to abort for minor females. Can you tell me? What is the prophylactic for rape, incest or familial slavery for a 10 to 16 year old female? How can those children inform a parent who has crossed the rubicon, of an intent to abort a 'damned seed' according to the 'Good Book"?

How do the rest of us, intellectuals, teachers, free thinkers and dreamers prepare? You think I'm being alarmist or going overboard? Consider: Professors and intellectuals are being sought out and shot in Iraq by the insurgency as they have been in other political class struggles. This class has historically been first discredited on scientific data, then sequestered, imprisoned and 'disappeared' in regime changes throughout the world and throughout history where the status quo will be the 'moral' majority, then finally eliminated in almost every confrontation no matter how 'holy' or 'patriotic'. Some of these regime changes have come at the auspices of the U S of A. (Afghanistan, Iraq, South America, Libya)

Am I being reactionist? Most certainly yes. Is the Home of the Free, Land of the Brave - America, in danger of ever crossing the line? Think Patriot Act. Think wild, wicked win for the Republicans espousing 'moral issues' as their most fervent rally cry in 2004. Think of the 1970s where the 'Jesus Freaks' would chase you down and preach the dangers of succession of your soul in a Publix parking lot, where you were made to feel inadequate, embarrassed and fundamentally wrong for your beliefs, even if your I.Q. slotted above 90. Think of those morals being reenacted into laws so quiet and obsequies as to slide on by without notice or alarm. Think of the readers act where the spooks wanted more access to what we read in our libraries and buy from our bookstores.

I am also wary of more war. I forsee showdowns with North Korea and Iraq-the real threats with Weapons of Mass Destruction. I see further alienation of our traditional allies. I see presidential cajones swelling to bluster up to a real, thermo-nuclear confrontation because this little Piggy never went to Viet Nam to see what face-to-face killing was really about. It should be a rule: If your 'nards haven't been in combat, then neither should you.

Metaphysically, and here I become totally trailer bait - the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. Most astrologists predict hell and high water from 2000 to 2007. The Cairian pyramidal steps predict 2001 to 2010 to be the end of change with a 'blank slate' behind. The Books of Revelations - Apochrapha, in the Bible cites strife within the Middle East and names the aggresor as the Eagle - our national symbol , Nostradamus fussing about the apocholyptic battles during the first decade of the 2nd Millienium, ad nauseum.

All bullshit and prognostication aside, all of us with a whit past normal intel and comprehension, all of us who think different from fundamental Christian atria, all of us who value the formal and idealogical democracy which was left to us by Franklin, Jefferson, Payne et al and their mentors need to be on watch.

DON'T fold in to the cave canum of those in the cat bird seat. Be on the look out for insidious change to basic freedom no matter how bland the presentation be. Network, search out, read, look at, who paid for what research,
who said it and where did it come from, why is this new 'law' , intrusive as it is, necessary to Homeland Security - - ALL of these need our vigilant attention and our work during the next four years.

And, most important: Let's all pinky swear that if ONE of us is being hanged for subordinancy, let the REST of us come en masse from wherever to cut the rope. Zorro lives.

Love all,
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