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Dear Activist Colleague,

The Nation is a good, solid, liberal magazine.
A refreshing change from mainstream media, filled with
progressive articles you won't find elsewhere.

That's what we thought, too, until we noticed a small
ad in its classified section for a sex tourism company
specializing in trips to Thailand and Costa Rica.

The ad, which has run weekly since April 5th, reads:
"Erotic Vacations with private introductions to
friendly, beautiful women. Bendricks International
Men's Vacation Club. www.bendricks.com"

A quick trip to the website confirmed that for a few
grand, Bendricks will hook you up with "vibrant young
adult women," renowned for their "special brand of
sexuality," who will cheerfully provide "pleasurable
massage and adult entertainment in the privacy of your
hotel suite." Should your assigned prostitute prove
insufficiently vibrant, you can "change companions

Disturbed, we contacted The Nation several times,
receiving zero response. The ad continues to run week
after week.

We are amazed that the staff at The Nation cannot see
their own hypocrisy.

Gays and lesbians can't marry? The Nation empathizes.
Wal-Mart employees can't unionize? The Nation decries
Anti-globalism protestors mistreated? The Nation is
Third-world prostitutes servicing rich American men?

You are receiving this email because of your interest
in stopping violence against women. As may you know,
prostituted women experience more violence than almost
any other group of people on earth. Promoting
prostitution and sex tourism is a blatant violation of
the progressive principles The Nation claims to hold.

Since The Nation will not respond to our polite
requests to drop the Bendricks ad, we have taken our
case directly to its other loyal advertisers. We
invite you to contact them and explain that they've
been buying ad space alongside a sex tourism company
that exploits disadvantaged women for profit.
Ask for their help in convincing The Nation to refuse
advertising dollars from companies that sponsor
prostitution among the world's poorest women.
And if they don't get it either, gently suggest that
you may not be doing much business with them in the

Below is contact information for some of the most
frequent advertisers in The Nation since April 5th,
2004. As you can guess, most of them are progressive
organizations who will (hopefully) be troubled to
learn of the Bendricks ad inclusion. In fact, since
we started this campaign on Wednesday, one advertiser
has already agreed to withdraw its ads.

Air America Radio lclark@airamericaradio.com
Baptist Peace Fellowship jim@bpfna.org
**Bose Radio support@bose.com
Cambridge Press information@cambridge.org
Citizen Funds welcome@citizensfunds.com
Columbia University Press mh2306@columbia.edu
Early2Bed.com info@early2bed.com
Independent Institute info@independent.org
First Federal Mint govmint@assetmsi.com or
Friends Journal info@friendsjournal.org
Fellowship of Reconciliation pclark@forusa.org
First Street customerservice@firststreetonline.com
**Global Exchange kirsten@globalexchange.org
Innovative Home Products
**Justice Clothing info@justiceclothing.com
Madre madre@madre.org
**NextTen nextten@assetmsi.com or 888-333-2012
**Northern Sun scott@northernsun.com
**Piehole.net info@piehole.net
Powells Bookstore marketing@powells.com
**ProtestWorks.com robertanbian@protestworks.com
**Reason8.net info@reason8.net
**Shore Bank information@shorebankcorp.com
The New Press publicity@thenewpress.com
**Travltips.com info@travltips.com
**Tweezerman.com www.tweezerman.com/contact/
**The Great Courses custserv@teachco.com
U. of California Press askucp@ucpress.edu

The more letters the better, but if you have limited
time, contact only the advertisers with ** next to
their names. They advertise the most. Please send
any responses you get to this address, but do not cc:
everyone else on the list when you do. Feel free to
forward this information to appropriate colleagues.

With appreciation for your help,
Anti-Porn Activist Network
one angry girl designs
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